AR Business Card

Role Front-End Development / UX
For Nova Summit Recruiting
My Company Mobiento / Deloitte Digital

Problem: We decided to attend the Nova Summit in October 2019 and there was an internal request of perhaps making a more fun and interactive business card that would stand out and

that we could hand out to young professionals who where looking for either their first job or to make a switch. Recruiting tool in short.

Image placeholderThe cards made by a visual designer that was printed out for the fair.

My role: Front-End Development / UX design - The biggest hurdle we found compared using AR in previous project was that there was a big taxonomy on the users to download the application. For us, as the providers, it also meant we would have to maintain the application and submit it through appstore and google play (which would have been two different apps). We wanted something quick and dirty and started explore on the possibility of running everything serverside instead. and that's where I stumbled upon A-Frame and ar.js library which we used as a foundation to build our application.

Learnings: Although I've dabbled with AR projects previously, I first tested my concept in Swift with ARKit which seemed extremely promising. Unfortunately, for the purpose of the fair, we had to look to other web technologies and I learned that there was much to be wished for when it comes to AR development in the web. Unfortunately, the community wasn't as alive as I had hoped for and there were things being outdated in ar.js. We did what we could with the framework and managed to build something tangible at least. It was particular fun to sketch out the idea on wireframes / user journeys and then build the application.

Image placeholder

Results: A server side AR application where the user first use their native QR code scanner in order to load the web application and then the AR marker to start the video. After that there was a button that would take them to our recruiting page to book a fika with our HR. It seem to have been a popular thing for people to bring with them and a good way to start talking with young professionals and people we were targeting.

Keywords: Javascript, HTML, CSS, ar.js, a-frame

Time frame: 2 weeks