Role UX / Development
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Afilliation Chalmers University of Technology

Holobeats is a concept for the future of music teaching by utilizing Augmented Reality developed at the Interaction Design master program at Chalmers University of Technology. A prototype was developed as an app for a smartphone that could be used as augmened reality glasses, enabling the user to see disks falling down as a guitar-hero style learning of drums.

We visited a class for students with special needs to gain a better understanding of the pain-points for these particular students. We would observe the day-to-day session for these kids with their teacher. At that time, we discovered quickly that all the children had different set of needs. Reading problems, visual impairments, motor function and other type of problems was not uncommon with this group. The challenge for us was to try to come up with a one solution for all given the timeframe.

We created personas of the students we've met in order identify the different needs of these personas. We then ideated on different features that would be a fun and interactive experience for music learning. Once we've managed to conceptualize our idea, we hastily moved to prototype / implementation phase. A big challenge for our team was to learn C# using Unity and develop for AR whcih we had never done before.

The testing of the prototype took quite some time, as we would soon find challenges with our fiducial markers and also hooking up an RFduino to speak with our smartphones. New surprises came all the time, but we managed to build a prototype, where the disk falls onto the drums to the beat of the music.

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My main contribution to the project was design, research and development. This project was by far one of the most challenging project we've done. The challenges were enormous to try to fit to a course. This work was presented at the SiDER conference 2016.

Applications used: Unity

Keywords: User Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Development, C#, RFduino, iPhone, Augmented Reality, AR, VR

Time frame: 8 weeks, 2015

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