ICA Spara

Role UX Design
Client ICA
My Company Mobiento / Deloitte Digital

Problem: Initially our client presented a proof of concept of a personal finance management application which they wanted to be re-designed. The timeframe given was two months. There was a risk that the application might fall flat upon release, as it did not offer anything new that did not currently exist in the markt.

The client and our team re-assessed the situation and agreed to explore the concept further before designing the application. We ran workshops with our client and conducted more user research to find out more opportunities and where ICA could help users in ther everyday life.

Image placeholderEarly examples of wires of the economy screen.

We deep dived into how people thought about their economy. We asked users to come in and explain how they thought about their economy in order to map their financial mental models. There was comparative analysis on checking what our competitors were doing and trying to figure out what works and what does not work. We started internally find out how the ICA eco-system worked and where we could leverage as much as possible.

Image placeholderFew early examples of wires of expenses and bills.

Together with the development team we worked tightly in sprints and reiterations. Usability testing was included on every sprint to make sure that the changes or addition we made would not break the application.

Image placeholderEarly wireframe sitemap created of ICA Spara app.

The combination of food and economy, became one of our differentiation compared to our competitors that we could implement. User would get a better insight in where they spend their money on food, for instance if they eat out a lot. That small insight aggregated to a month would for instance, encourage the user to buy more groceries and eat home or bring a lunch box.

Image placeholderExample of iterations of wireframes on people food economy.

My role: UX Designer - Responsible for user experience design and ideations. Regularly conducting interviews and usability tests with users and synthesizing the insights from these to guide the direction of the design. Creating wireframes, clickable prototypes and working closely with our visual designer and the development team, while keeping the client up to date.

Learnings: The insights we gained from regularly setting up meetings with our users, was not only extremely insightful to us, but also re-assured us that we were on the right path (and corrected us when we were not). It opened up a whole new world of learnings and insights within digital banking and home economy for me. It was also very nice to be in the project from the very beginning, and being able to properly run user interviews and usability studies iteratively for a longer time.

Image placeholderScreenshot captured from Tink.com

Results: Concept and product design of a fintech app for ICA. Leveraging the unique offers only ICA can offer in the fintech world compared to what other companies can do.

Applications used: Sketch, Invision Prototype, Zeplin

Keywords: User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Fintech, Prototyping

Time frame: 1 year

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