Take A Leap

Role UX / Development
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Afilliation Chalmers University of Technology

Take A Leap is a collaborative platform game developed at the Interaction Design master program at Chalmers University of Technology. The project derived from a paper from S.Lundgren, challening us to break the mobile bubble. As the era of smartphones have captured our minds driving endless of screen time infront of our devices, we have instead become more social in social media, but less social to the immediate people in our vicinity.

We started of with different ideation session, rapid prototyping of various ideas that would be socially engaging and fun. After we came up with a solid idea we struggled with the implementation of the idea. Thanks to Professor Takashi Ohta who sent us his framework after we found his extremely helpful paper, we could finish our prototype.

The time frame of this project was very limited as we were stuck in exploration phase for quite some time. We struggled ideate something that would be different from what other people had already done.

However, thanks to going throroughly through the design process and trusting the process, we manage to get solid ideas. In the end we had a few weeks to put together our ideas and work into craft and paper.

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My main contribution to the game was game design / development and concept design.

Applications used: Sketch, Xcode

Keywords: User Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Development, Swift, iOS

Time frame: 8 weeks, 2015

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