Role UX Design
Client Tölve
My Company Mobiento / Deloitte Digital

Problem: Tölve is a small company founded by two mathematician that had invented a function that could generate leads to the end-users. However, our client did not have a way to visualize the idea and needed brainstorming and ideas on how to best make this formula into a product.

Their business is to provide B2B, were they previously delivered a list to their customer of potential clients they could do business with.

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My role: UX Designer - Responsible for user experience design and ideations. Rapid prototyping and creating wireframes to our visual designer, as well as keeping our client on loop with the product and service.

Learnings: The complex math behind the product made me realise why it was so incredibly important to understand their product and wants with the formula. This type of project doesn't come too often so I am grateful to have had my brainpower pushed to it's limit in order to be able to design their product. One of the challenges of this project was the small time frame due to the small budget, which made the project a bit difficult to finalize.

Results: We delivered the designs of this product to the clients developer team.

Applications used: Sketch, Invision Prototype, Zeplin

Keywords: User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping

Time frame: 2 months

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“Why don't we have a UX designer in our team?”